DIY Kids Craft Kite Kits (That really fly!)


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Design your own craft kits that really fly! 

Make YOUR own kites, decorate, put them together and then watch them fly or even arrange kite races. This activity is perfect for OOSH or vacation care as it's an opportunity to learn about aerodynamics and gravity while exercising and having loads of fun!

The kit contains precut sail and frame thus no cutting materials are needed. Safe for children to handle.

The sail can be decorated with a large variety of paints, makers, cryaons and other colouring materials.

Made of Tyvek, a special durable paper-like materials that does not tear. It can be handled easily like paper but is as durable and tough kite fabric

Size: 77*63cm (excluding tail)

includes 30m Line with handle

Each kit includes a LARGE diamond kite 77cm x 63cm, a tail, fiberglass rods, tape, a line with a handle plus instructions

Cost $9.00 each If you purchase more than 30 only pay $7.00 each

Customer Reviews

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Paper Kite

Far too windy in Perth right now so have not tried to fly a kite with my grand-daughter yet. She has decorated it and all is ready for the right weather.

Creativity and Action

We have used the kites in our vacation care program on two occasions. They offer the children the chance to create an artistic masterpiece. They then can go outside and fly that masterpiece in the sky. The kites are sturdy and last for ages and the children enjoy them for many months after they make them. I recommend them highly.

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