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Whether you use Perler, Playbox, Hama, Artlak, Fuse, Melty, Nabbi or Pyssla, they all produce unique one of a kind fusible artwork! Our beads and pegboards are all 5mm varieties and can provide hours of fun!

Don't feel like you are limited to the shape of the pegboards either as within each outline, you can create loads of other designs, like a tiny heart shape within the frog!

How do heat fusible beads work?


We like to call these little gems “melty beads” which is exactly what they do, melt! They are small, plastic heat activated beads which kids can use to create their own special design and then heat using an iron to fuse their design together into a single artwork.


How to iron fuse beads with baking paper? 


Once the child has finished assembling their beads to create their artwork they will need the help of an adult to heat with an iron and fuse the beads together.


Cover the design with a sheet of baking paper and then on a low heat begin to iron the baking paper to melt the beads. You may have to adjust the temperature of the iron but we recommend starting to low to avoid over melting the beads.


Hot Tip – If your ironing board is soft of lumpy, place a hardcover book under the peg board which will ensure a more even distribution of heat.



How to stop fusible beads from bending?


Sometimes the fused beads designs can tend to curl at the edges. We suggest placing the finished design under something heavy like a large book or a saucepan (with the baking paper covering both sides) while its still warm to “set” the design in a flat position. Once it has cooled it will remain in shape.