Shrink Art Instructions

Shrink Art is perfect for endless creative crafty projects, children just love watching their own special creations shrink up in the oven.

Perfect for making that personalised Mothers/Fathers Day or Christmas gift straight from the heart that the lucky recipient will treasure for a lifetime.

Our plain frosted Shrink Art Film can be viewed and bought here. All these instructions are also included in our packaging, along with a sheet of free templates that are ready to trace!
Click the link here for a printable version of these instructions.
Gather together the supplies you will need: your SSC Shrink Art Film, coloured pencils, a black permanent marker for drawing outlines, scissors and a hole punch.
2. Draw & Colour
Using your permanent marker, draw or trace your design on our Shrink Art Film 
You can download, print off and trace any of the many templates we have here or create your own design. Pencils look best when coloured on the frosted/rough side, but you can experiment and have fun (just don't use wax crayons as they will melt and catch fire)!
3. Cut
Once colouring has been finished, use scissors to cut out each design carefully with nice smooth edges and don't forget use a hole punch near the top of your design if you want to hang it in any way.
4. Bake & Shrink
Place your designs (coloured side up!) on a piece of baking paper and bake at 160C for 30-60 seconds. Designs will shrink to about 30-40% of their original size! Watch them carefully, as they will curl first, but will flatten out when they're ready. Leave them in the oven longer if necessary. If needed, flatten carefully with a utensil immediately upon removing from the oven whilst they are still soft and pliable. Remove and allow to cool.
5. Assemble
Once your designs are cool, you can assemble them into a multitude of possible uses, such as: a necklace pendant, a keychain or bag tag, as earrings or part of a hanging mobile. Get creative, but mostly have fun!
6. Tag us on Instagram
Don't forget to tag us in your creations on Instagram, and we'll be sure to share your designs for everyone to see!