Sand Art Instructions

How to make your sand art creations look like masterpieces!  

Firstly select your sand art picture cards, we stock an ever changing range of over 150 designs.
Looking for ocean designs for your little pirate? Creatures great and small for your animal lover? Whatever you need, we've got you covered! Check out our designs in the flip book on the Sand Art Cards page.
Once you have your card and your sand, follow these six steps to create your masterpiece.
Click the link here for a printable copy of these instructions.
Step 1
Set up your area, doing sand art with kids can be messy so it's the perfect outside activity, or if you decided to complete your sand art inside we recommend laying down a sheet or a picnic blanket to minimise clean up afterwards.
Step 2
Begin by using a toothpick to remove one of the pre cut sticker areas from the sand art card to reveal the sticky side underneath, we recommend starting with the outline of the design. 
Step 3 
Using a spoon sprinkle coloured sand over the card and gently rub the sand into the exposed adhesive. 
Step 4 
Once all the adhesive is covered with sand, tap the card over a tray or bowl to collect the excess sand and you'll be left with the first section of your card complete!
Step 5
Continue on selecting different areas and colours of sand to complete your sand art picture card. We recommend starting with the darkest colours, then moving to the lighter colours.
Step 6
Once the card is complete, place it in the display slip provided, seal and choose where to display your new work of art!