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These gorgeous Suncatchers have raised outlines that make welled areas for painting in ... so effective, pretty and an easy craft for all ages! Who can stop at just one?

Using the special glass paint pens children simply fill in the different areas to create their own special artwork the paint dries transparent like stained glass and can be hung by a window to catch the sun.

The Suncatchers also have a hole for easy hanging, used to make bag tags, Christmas decorations, hanging mobiles etc. Grab a pack of keyrings or split rings at the same time to make the most of your Suncatchers!



Single suncatcher $1.80
20 Suncatchers with 10 glass paints $40
50 Suncatchers with 20 glass paints $75
100 Suncatchers with 30 glass paints $125
120 Suncatchers with 40 glass paints $150