Captivating OSHC Craft Kits

SilverStarCrafts is your ultimate destination for engaging and educational OSHC craft kits & fun after school care activities! We understand the importance of providing children with enriching activities after a day of learning. That's why we have carefully curated a fantastic collection of after school crafts that cater to Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) programs in Schools, Childcare Centres & Vacation Care providers.

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Age-Appropriate Kids Craft Kits

We provide age-appropriate kits for after school care providers & childcare centres, catering to the unique interests and developmental stages of each child. Our exciting OSHC craft kits ensure that every child gets the perfect tailored crafting experience!

Skill Level Selection 

At SilverStarCrafts, we offer a delightful range of OOSH & vacation care activities, designed to cater to various skill levels. Whether your child is a budding artist or an aspiring crafter, we have the perfect DIY arts and crafts to suit their abilities and interests.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

The safety of children in your care is paramount when it comes to our OSHC craft kits. We meticulously ensure that all OSHC craft kit materials & components are child-friendly & non-toxic, with every product undergoing rigorous safety checks.


1. Are OSHC Craft Kits safe for children of all ages?

Yes, our OSHC Craft Kits are safe for children of all ages as we prioritise child-friendly and non-toxic materials in our designs.

2. Can your OSHC activities be used in school settings?

Our OSHC Craft Kits can be used in school settings as they are designed to cater to Out of School Hours Care programs, making them a perfect addition to school-based activities and after-school providers. Shop our School art and craft activities now!

3. How do OSHC Craft Kits promote skill development?

Our OSHC activities, including DIY art and craft kits, promote skill development through engaging, hands-on experiences. Children can enhance their fine motor skills, creativity & problem-solving abilities. SilverStarCrafts' after-school enrichment activities foster self-confidence and imagination, allowing young minds to flourish while having fun with art and craft projects!