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How to organise a kids sand art party

How to organise a kids sand art party

6 Steps to organising your own kids sand art party....

Our sand art party kits are among our most popular items on the store and we are often asked about the best way to host your own kids sand art party so we thought why not lay it all out in a handy blog post. 

Step 1

Work out how many kids will be attending, we sell party packs for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 kids as standard but are more than happy to do up a special quote if your party size does not match our standard pack sizes.

Step 2

Select the designs for the sand art cards, SilverStarCrafts have a wide variety of sand art picture cards which are available to view here.

We think it's super fun to go with a theme, the party photographed below was a tropical birthday party so there were plenty of bright colours, pineapples and flamingos!

Tropical Sand Art Party

The options are endless, but here are a few of our favourite suggestions: 

- Under The Sea for an aquatic themed party

- Planes, Trains & Automobiles 

- Creatures Great and Small for your little animal lovers

- Dinosaurs

- Fairies, Unicorns & Mermaids... and all things beautiful 

- Aliens, Pirates & Dragons 

- As well as seasonal designs for Christmas, Easter or Halloween parties 

If you have any special requests please leave us a note in the order section. Otherwise you can select boy, girl or a mix of boy/girl designs and let us handpick the designs for you. 

Step 3

 Order your party pack!

On the day...

Step 4

The first thing that is needed is a table to place the sand and cards on, a trestle table works great for this as long as the kids can comfortably see and reach over the top of the table. 

Step 5 

Empty each coloured sand packet into trays, they can be ordered here but paper plates also work great for this. You'll also need a spoon for each colour as well as toothpicks (included in your party pack).


Then all that is left to do pre-party is to display the cards and do a little styling. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to styling but it's great if you can tie in props that relate to the theme like we did with the flower lei's in the tropical sand art party (pictured).

 How to Have a Kids Sand Art Party

Step 6 

Once the guests arrive and the party is due to begin, give each child a toothpick and have them pick the card they would like to complete. You can demonstrate the process of peeling off the each of the card for the kids to show them where to sprinkle the coloured sand of their choice and then after that let them at it! 

If you wanted to read more about the process of completing the sand art cards you can read all about it here.

Pro Tip - If you place a couple of bins under the table and ask the kids to place their sticker waste in the bins, this will save you having to pick up tiny bits of paper from the ground once the party has finished: 

How to Have a Kids Sand Art Party





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