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Creating Stained Glass using Glass Paint Pens

Creating Stained Glass using Glass Paint Pens

Have you ever tried creating a stained glass image using paint pens? The results are gorgeous and can be stuck, and easily removed, onto glass, on a mirror or on tiles. They're perfect if you stick them to a window that gets sunshine through it.


To make these images is easy, but does involve a bit of patience while the paint dries!

Our Glass Deco Paint Pens (which are also used for our Suncatcher Painting Party) are a fantastic activity for all ages as the pack contains everything you need! It includes 10 brightly coloured paint pens, 5 patterns you can use to trace and two clear re-usable vinyl sheets. You could also download loads of different templates from our Resources page on our website, or your favourite images from the internet. Using simpler shapes makes it easier to achieve the best results.


1. If you want to trace an image, attach it with some sticky tape or paperclip it behind the piece of clear vinyl sheeting to stop it from slipping around (you can also use other clear plastic from around your home).

2. Outline your pattern or image, it doesn't have to be black, that's just what we used for the puppy. Then let it dry (here's where the first lot of patience comes in!). If you want your colours to merge and blend together like on the rainbow and flower, you can get creative when the paint is still wet or slightly damp.


3. Once the outline is dry, apply other colours inside the lines. Make sure that all the colours are completely touching each others so there are no gaps or holes when you peel it off later.

4. More patience is required now ... let the creation dry completely (overnight is best). The paint will become transparent when it's dry. Once dry, carefully peel the flexible paint off the clear vinyl. 


5. Stick it on a window, a mirror or tiles, and admire your beautiful work!

Helpful hints:

Keep a tissue handy to wipe the nozzle of the pen to keep it clean, and for any other clean up needed. If it seems you are running out of paint, pop the lid back on, give the pen a good shake to move the paint into the tip area and go again.

Don't peel your creation off the clear plastic sheet before it becomes completely dry, it won't work properly.

Thicker paint needs more drying time.

If clothes become smeared with the glass paint, clean off immediately with warm soapy water.

We found it easiest for each child to have their own pack of pens to allow for maximum fun without running out of paint while they are creating!

The Deco Glass Pens aren't limited to making stained glass pictures, they do have other uses too! 


Other activities using the Glass Deco Paint Pen set:

Why not check out our Suncatcher Painting Party which include various designs of Suncatchers and Paints ... which include bonus keychains and ribbons for hanging! They can be hung in front of a window as well (like the stained glass), used as a keychain or attached to a bag or pencil case as a pretty cool looking bag tag. 

Alternatively, use the Glass Deco paint pens to paint some of our plaster shapes for something different, then attach a magnet and pop it on your fridge or metal set of drawers.

What else could you use these pens for? Let us know, we'd love to hear your creative and crafty ideas!

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