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Sand Ceremonies for Weddings and Naming Days

Sand Ceremonies for Weddings and Naming Days

Coloured Sand isn't just a fun kids craft, it can also be used in Sand Ceremonies at Weddings and Naming Days.

So, what is a Sand Ceremony? 

At Weddings, it's when the bride and groom combine their individual coloured sand into one larger jar during the ceremony as a physical representation of the "union of the two souls and their life together". Whilst recognising that two lives have joined together, each person remains an individual.

At Naming Ceremonies, the sand is used by other members of the family (particularly children - who are drawn to pouring the colourful sand) and is poured into a larger jar. Multiple colours can be used, each to represent a different characteristic or aspiration. This could be used in recognising the arrival of a new baby to a family or the merging of two families.

Colours can be used to match the ceremony, the couples' favourite colours, or to represent various meanings such as:

White: Purity, Devotion, Spiritual Values, Peace

Yellow: Harmony, Balance, Friendship, Joy

Orange: Contentment, Wholesomeness, Safe

Pink or Red: Love, Passion, Romance, Happiness

Green: Health, Luck, Prosperity, Energy

Purple: Power, Dignity, Strength

Brown: Solidity, Strength, Maturity

Blue: Patience, Tranquility, Trust, Loyalty

Silver/Grey: Creativity, Talents, Inspiration

Both of these ceremonies are particularly significant and spiritual, but more than that, it gives the child, family or couple, a symbolic keepsake to represent all the significance of the ceremony.

There are few rules for sand ceremonies, and choices can be personalised throughout the whole process. Smaller containers for individual colours of sand can range from shot glasses, to champagne glasses to vases or shells! The larger container can be a bottle, a specially engraved vase or a sentimental heirloom, but it needs to be able to be sealed so that the blended sand is secure.

How the Sand Ceremony works:

1. Before the event, decant your individual colours of sand into the smaller containers.

2. During the ceremony, the individuals take turns to pour small amounts of sand into the main container to create layers of colour. Repeat a few times.

3. Alternatively, the different colours can be poured in at the same time to create a completely blended colour.

4. Make sure the bottle is as full as possible so that the pattern remains as it is (otherwise over time it will merge together), and finally seal tightly.

We stock a large range of colours which can be purchased in different quantities depending on the size of your larger vessel. If you're unsure about which colours you would like, why not grab a sample pack and request specific colours to help you choose. Contact us here if you have any queries.

Click to browse our coloured sand range and find the perfect colour for your Wedding or Naming Ceremony.

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