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Questions to ask when buying Sand Art Supplies

Questions to ask when buying Sand Art Supplies

Where to buy sand art supplies, and how much do I need?

There are many options when it comes to buying sand art supplies, hopefully this information will provide you with everything you need to know to make the best decision for you!

 Firstly what will your sand art supplies be for? Are you holding an event? A birthday party? We have had customers purchase sand art supplies for many different reasons over the years including:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Sleepover activities
  • Crafts for Grandparents to do with Grandkids
  • Rainy day crafts
  • School fetes
  • End of year school celebrations
  • Community events
  • Employer Family Days
  • Vacation care activities
  • NAIDOC activities
  • Holiday Park Craft Days
  • Etc, etc

Each different scenario above requires a different amount of sand art supplies so it’s important to decide on the basics first:

  • What are you using the sand art for
  • How many children will be participating in the sand art fun?
  • What kind of sand art activity will you be offering? i.e. traditional sand art cards? Sand art bottles etc


Once you have the basics sorted, it’s time for the fun part! Shopping 😊

Here are some things to consider when on your search for the best sand art supplies for your event.

 1 - The size of the sand art card; are you looking for small, medium or large sized cards? We stock medium 16.5cm x 24cm as we have found this to be the most manageable size for most children.

2 - The quality of the cards; we have seen quite a lot of cheap, flimsy sand art cards come onto the market. If price is your deciding factor then a lot of these low quality cards can we found on marketplaces like ebay, which bring us to our next consideration

3 - Quantity of sand included, lots of suppliers include sachets of sand with their smaller packs, we bag our own 20g sachets for our single kits as we want each child to have enough of each colour to do the entire background of the card in one single colour if they choose. When you get the smaller pre-packaged sachets they typically some with less than half that amount meaning that kids will have to use two or more colours to fill in any large areas on their cards, which is totally fine if you don’t mind having a multicolored background.



The quantity of sand required will vary depending on the number of cards you are purchasing, below are the standard sand quantities we provide for each of our party packs, this is more than enough to complete all of the cards with some left over to account for spillages etc on the day of the event.


10 Sand Art Cards = ¼ Cup of Sand in 10 colours

20 Sand Art Cards = ½ Cup of Sand in 10 colours

50 Sand Art Cards = ½ Cup of Sand in 12 colours

100 Sand Art Cards = 1 Cup of Sand in 12 colours

4 - Where are the supplies being sent from and when do you need it? If your event is fast approaching and you need your sand art supplies asap it’s a good idea to make sure what you need is in stock and will be shipped asap from Australia, bonus points if the supplier is in the same state and has express shipping!

5 - Card designs; does the supplier have a good range of designs, can you pick your own? We specialise in catering for themed parties and events so have split our designs into separate categories (see flip book below) to make it easy for customers to choose designs, we also welcome our customers to choose their own designs individually and simply add them to their order notes on the website




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