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What are Perler Beads?

Perler Beads are little hollow plastic beads that can be used by kids to arrange on pegboards to create patterns and shapes, these artworks can then be melted using an iron (with the help of an adult) to create a fused artwork for kids to display.

Kids absolutely love the creative aspect of this activity which helps develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as thinking creatively to plan out their Perler Bead masterpieces. 


Perler Bead Patterns


Planning ahead is an important step when it comes to creating a fuse bead design. You can use a speciality pegboard to create a specific design or you can use a clear square pegboard and print or draw out your own design to follow.


One place to go if you’re looking for inspiration is Pinterest, there are endless patterns and designs there to browse through. We’ve even created a board of our favourite to make it even easier


How to melt Perler Beads? 

Perler Beads must be melted with the help of an adult.

Firstly, you want to carry the pegboard with the beads arranged to an ironing board, we recommend placing a hardcover book or something similarly hard under the pegboard so that you can get an even heat when ironing on the beads.

Cover the pegboard and beads with a sheet of baking paper and begin to iron. Best results will be had on a low heat with a little bit of patience, otherwise you will find that the shape will melt together too quickly, and colours may blob together rather than maintaining their original pattern.

You may need some trial and error with your iron to determine which setting works best.


What age kids are Perler Beads for?

Perler Beads are for children aged 6 and up.


How to stop Perler Beads from breaking?  

If the beads haven’t been melted together sufficiently then the beads on the outside of the design are vulnerable to snapping off.

There are different methods of melting the beads, some like to melt it completely, eliminating the hole in the centre of each bead.

This will make the design very secure and will stop them breaking but may not look as good, alternatively you can leave a small hole in the beads which may give a more pleasing look but may be a little more fragile.

Play around with it and decide on which method you prefer!