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We absolutely love these Colour in Aprons, made from sturdy calico they come with fabric markers for hours of creative fun. Ideal for daycare or vacation/after school care activities!

How Our Kids Colour In Aprons Came to Be

These aprons were borne out of many conversations with our childcare customers who where desperately looking for activities for their kids that would take more than 10 minutes to complete and that would provide a use long after the activity itself was completed, because, let's face it the waste from a lot of kids craft activities can be pretty horrendous. 

We brainstormed for months until finally settling on the idea of colour in aprons, we loved that the colouring in itself was an activity but that then the apron could be used over and over again for cooking days or when doing craft to protect clothing from paint splatters. We also thought they would tie in nicely for vacation care days focused on cooking and kitchen skills. 

About the Colour In Aprons

Each apron is made from a thick calico material and comes with a set of textile markers. They are 48cm x 43cm and have adjustable staps to fit all shapes and sizes. There are currently two designs, tree library and space boy but more designs are currently being developed. For sale as a single item as well as in 12 and 24 value packs. 

If you needed a different quantity of kids aprons please reach out on and we can do a custom quote just for you. 

Why Colouring-In is so beneficial 

We all know colouring in is fun but did you know that the benefits extend far beyond simple entertainment value? Colouring-In also encourages the development of hand/eye coordination, it teaches a child patience; a picture takes time to be coloured and made beautiful, it doesn't happen instantly and like all great achievements they take time and effort. 

The ability to focus is a quality that is extremely important for children to develop and it seems to be harder and harder in the world of screens constantly grabbing attention! 

The very act of holding a pencil or in this case a fabric marker can help to build fine motor skills in kids which will help them in everyday activities like tying shoes and buttoning buttons. 

And perhaps most importantly of all colouring in allows children to express their creativity, working with colour and creating art all help to allow children to develop their creative sides. 

And finally how could we not mention the pure relaxation that comes from focusing on the task at hand and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.