Magic underwater sand

16 Sep
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Got bored kids? Try this underwater activity to keep them entertained, it couldn’t be easier all you need is coloured sand and good old fashioned Scotch Guard.

  • First step is to lay out the sand you want to use, get creative with the colours, the brighter the better! We used a baking tray covered with foil to protect the tray.



  • ADULTS – Give the sand a liberal spraying with the Scotch Guard, you really want to make sure all of the sand is drenched, we let ours dry and then sprayed it again,┬áit’s also not a bad idea to do this step outside to let the fumes from the scotch guard escape.



  • Once the sand has dried the fun can begin! Have fun dropping the sand into a vessel of water, the sand repels water and even comes out dry. Make your own colourful snow globe or retrieve the sand from the water and use it again another day.






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