Easter Shrinky Dink Gift Tags

28 Feb
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How is it possible that it’s March already? I mean wasn’t it just yesterday we were ringing in the new year, drinking bubbles and falling asleep before the midnight fireworks….. (or was that just us)?… Anyhoo here we are in March and crazily, Easter is a mere 4 weeks away!

We’ve been feeling the itch to make something crafty using our favourite Shrinky Dinks since we made our Christmas Charms and thought why not create a little something special just for you while we are at it?.. We settled on these gift tags because 1. they are ridiculously cute 2. kids love getting involved with colouring in and watching as their designs shrinky (Dinky?) in the oven and 3. who doesn’t love a good Easter pun? Not us that’s for sure!

I mean, come on – can we have a moment for the cuteness?…

Easter Shrinky Dinks Tags

So first thing you want to do is gather your supplies, we frequented Officeworks for most of our supplies and we created an adorbs little Easter printable for the designs which you can download here

The items we used were:

  • Crystal Clear Shrinky Dinks (you can grab a 10 pack here¬†we used a total of 1 sheet to make all of our tags, leaving 9 left over for other projects, score!)
  • Sharpies in Black and all the colours of the rainbow!
  • Scissors
  • Gift tags (Officeworks again)
  • Twine
  • Sellotape Sticky Dots
  • And our printable Easter Shrinky Dink designs

Using the black Sharpie trace the designs onto a sheet of Shrinky Dinks

Easter Shrinky Dinks Traced


Colour in your designs, we flipped the sheet over to get the 3-d effect from having the black outline raised up from the colour, this is totally optional, it’s just how we like to Shrinky Dink!

Easter Shrinky Dinks Coloured

Then like normal, cut them out and pop them coloured side up on a baking tray¬† and into an oven that’s been pre heated to 160 celsius and watch the oven to see when the designs have finished shrinking, they will bend and curl while they are shrinking but when they flatten out again you know they are good to go.

Easter Shrinky Dinks Chicken

Then it’s just a matter of using the sticky dots to attach the shrinky to the gift tag and writing out your message – we recommend using gold pen and ALL the puns! Who wouldn’t love getting one of these tied around a chocolate bunny at Easter time?…

Easter Shrinky Dinks Finished







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